R-tech Thermal barrier tape - thermal break solution

Rubbertech Thermal Barrier Tape

Rubbertech Roofing Thermal barrier tape is a patented uniform gasket that provides a unique noise & thermal break solution to both residential & commercial construction.

When used on either one or two sides of steel framing, thermal barrier tape serves as a thermal break that will help lower the cost of energy. The tape does not mould or mildew and prevents condensation caused by temperature differentials, while also eliminating “ghosting” stains that outline metal studs in the wall.

Its performance and durability make it a life-long value addition to any residential or commercial building

• Self adhesive
• Quick & clean application
• Vibration isolation
• Durable
• Versatile
• Residential & Commercial
• Sound transmission reduced
• Uniform Gasket
• Standard widths

R-Tech Geotextile on the back of a step tile
Typical Applications
  • Residential and commercial construction
  • Floors - Steel joists
  • Walls - Steel studs
  • Ceilings - Steel rafters and trusses