R-tech Paver support system

Rubbertech Paver Support

Rubbertech Roofing R-tech paver support system has been developed as a high load simple solution to the raising of prefabricated paving slabs off the roof or balcony surface to enable effective drainage between and beneath.

The four lugs on the upper side ensure uniform alignment and spacing of the paving slabs. The 9mm thick standard supports are made from TPO, PVC or Rubber dependent on the application, the supports can be segmented into halves or quarters for use in corners and edges, The slabs can easily be lifted if required in the future.

• Composite paver system
• High load capacity
• Acoustic properties
• UV Stabilised
• Versatile paver system
• Residential & Commercial
• 9 mm thickness
• Acoustic pads available
• 2mm Shims for height adjustment

Rubbertech Paver Support

Leveling Shims

Any minor level difference in the substrate or lapped joints in the waterproofing can be accommodated by the use of 2mm thick plastic shims which fit neatly on top of the paving support.

Rubbertech Paver Adjustment Shim