R-tech Brock paver base - roof patio & terrace

Rubbertech Brock Paver Base

Rubbertech Roofing R-tech Brock paver system is an overlapping panel system made from polypropylene, a material known for its durability, resilience and thermal insulation qualities, The paver system has been specifically engineered to spread loads in roofing applications such as roof patios, roof terraces and other pedestrian areas.

R-tech Brock paver system is the fraction of the weight of a traditional base, and has better load spreading capabilities. The R-tech Brock paver system minimises preparation, creating a platform on which to lay your pavers.

• Speeds construction
• Overlapping panel system
• Thermal insulation
• Roof applications
• Excellent load spreading
• Extremely durable
• Roof terraces
• Quick to install
• Easily trimmed

R-Tech Brock Paver Base

Protect Matting

A 250 lb weight placed on a single R-tech Brock paver base results in less than 7 psi on the loading surface, because the unique panel system spreads the weight of a load more effectively.

A 20mm paver base will provide the same thermal insulation properties as 23 cm of stone, also being extremely durable and resistant to mould, bacteria, decay and compression.