Led-a-flex - lead replacement EPDM alternative

Ledaflex EPDM Lead Replacement
Ledaflex application

Led-a-flex lead replacement looks like lead and works like lead, It is manufactured with a base of EPDM and expanded aluminium.

Led-a-flex is designed to provide a flexible and durable replacement for lead in most modern roofing applications. The product has many advantages over traditional lead flashings, being non toxic, lightweight, easy and quick to install.

Ideal for complex detailing with excellent flexible and deformable properties. Available in widths of 150, 200, 300, 450, and 600mm in roll lengths of 5 & 10 meters.

• Light weight
• Flexible
• Highly UV resistant
• Long roll lengths
• Quick & easy to apply
• Superior longevity
• EPDM & Aluminium
• 5 & 10m roll lengths

Ledaflex Wave

Led-a-flex Wave is a flexible and self-adhesive lead replacement designed specifically for intersections to profiled pitched roofs.

Led-a-flex Wave can be totally adhered to the surface and is supplied in four colours, grey, red, brown and black.

For full details and instructional videos, please visit our website at www.ledaflex.com.

Ledaflex Wave

Roofing Applications

• Cap flashing to roof abutments • Soaker flashings to chimneys • Dormer installations • Box valleys • Valleys • Chimneys • Aprons • Soakers & cap flashings • Wall abutments • Dormer cheeks • Dormer walls • Roof lights • Interfaces with slate roofs • Under windows • Parapet walls • Lead roof applications • Ridge detailing • Flat tiles or slate • Roof hip details