R-tech Geotextile layer - UV Stabilised

Rubbertech Geotextile

Rubbertech Roofing R-tech Geotextile layer is a mechanically bonded non-woven UV stabilised polypropylene layer, The use of high quality materials and stringent quality controls guarantee a consistently high material quality.

R-tech Geotextile is ideal for use with several of our products, such as our Safeway tiles, Step tiles and Solar strips. R-tech Geotextile acts as a barrier between the rubber and the membrane, preventing any polymer migration between the types of surfaces requiring a barrier including PVC, Rubber and TPO..

• Prevents surface contact
• Prevents polymer migration
• High permeability
• UV stabilised
• Protection of membranes
• Quality polypropylene
• Mechanically bonded

R-Tech Geotextile on the back of a step tile
R-tech Geotextile layer on the back of a Rubbertech step tile, to prevent any polymer migration between membrane and tile. Available in 100g and 250g.