Geoprotect layer - rubber & geotextile roof protection layer

Rubbertech GeoProtect

Rubbertech Roofing Geoprotect layer is an innovative protection layer designed and engineered specifically for Roof protection.

The laminated construction of geotextile and rubber increases the tensile strength and stability of the product, It also gives the benefit of the high protection abilities of rubber to be used on PVC based membranes without the problems of polymer migration.

The geotextile backing also enables the product to be bonded easily to all kinds of substrates.

Geoprotect is UV resistant and performs well in extreme temperatures.

• Roof protection layer
• Laminated construction
• Acoustic properties
• UV Stabilised
• No polymer migration
• Residential & Commercial
• 3mm & 6mm thickness
• Easily bonded
• High tensile strength

Rubbertech GeoProtect


Material thickness: 3mm & 6mm

Roll sizes: 3mm x 1.25m x 20m
6mm x 1.25m x 10m

Rolls can also be cut into smaller sizes depending on the application.