EP Facade waterproofing - EPDM weather sealing system

Rubbertech EP Facade Waterproofing

The Rubbertech EP Sealing System encompasses a range of products to give full freedom in the construction and application of the weather sealing attachment against the window frame or load carrying structures.

The EPDM membrane contains a cross linked molecular structure protecting it against UV radiation, chemical pollutions, sunlight, water and extremes of temperature with negligible ageing over time, The strength and elasticity remain virtually unchanged over decades and the membrane remains flexible at temperatures from -40 to +150ºC without melting, shrinkage, cracking or hardening.

The EP Sealing System offers EPDM for exterior weatherproofing and where low vapour permeability is required.

EP500 Adhesive Sealant

EP 500 is a specific adhesive based on MS polymer with excellent adhesion to EPDM rubber and most substrates. MS Polymer adhesives are safe to use and do not contain solvents or isocyanates and therefore require no special safety equipment.

EP 500 can be extruded in almost all weather conditions, both cold and warm. Of all elastic adhesive products, MS polymer based adhesives have the broadest adhesion spectrum.

• Temperature resistant
• Chemical resistant
• Weather resistant
• High elasticity
• Biological resistance
• Puncture resistant
• Environmentally friendly

EP500 Adhesive Sealant from Rubbertech