e-lastic e4 & e5 - premium epoxy primer & roof detail membrane

e-lastic e4 & e5

Rubbertech e-lastic e4 is a transparent, rigid, two component water based epoxy primer, used as a universal primer in waterproofing, sealing and floor coating applications on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces Cures by reaction (cross linking) of the two components.

E-lastic e4 is mainly used as a primer for polyurethane joint sealants and polyurethane and epoxy floor coatings on non absorbent surfaces.

It can also be used as a primer on absorbent surfaces like concrete, mortar, plaster. Also used on moist concrete surfaces.

• Simple application
• Excellent anchoring
• Can be applied on moist surfaces
• Resistant to stagnant water
• Can be diluted with water
• Provides high tensile strength
• Heat & frost resistant
• Stops the creation of dust
• Chemical resistant

Rubbertech e-lastic e5 is a liquid applied, thixotropic, permanent elastic, fibre reinforced, cold applied and cold curing, one component polyurethane membrane used for long-lasting waterproofing. Cures by reaction with ground and air moisture over a unique moisture triggered chemical reaction.

E-lastic e5 is mainly used to create water-proof seals on difficult and complex roofing details, used on materials such as bitumen felts, PVC membranes, concrete/mortar/ cement screed, various metals and wood. E5 is available in both grey and black

e-lastic e4 & e5 waterproofing


• Wall-floor connections
• Flashings and 90º angles
• Lightdomes
• Rooflights
• Chimneys
• Pipes
• Gutters, etc.