R-tech Drainage layer - composite geotextile

Rubbertech Drainage Layer Geotextile

Rubbertech Roofing R-tech drainage layer is a composite geo-mat made from polypropylene, with a non-woven filter on one or both sides.

The extremely high voids content of R-tech drainage layer ensures a high water flow capacity, especially at low overburden pressures.

Typical applications for the R-tech drainage layer include roof drainage, wall & cellar drainage, landfill surface drainage/sealing and retaining wall drainage.

• Reduced excavation
• High in-plane flow rate
• Massive weight reduction
• Optimum soil retention
• Easy installation
• Chemical resistant
• Biologically resistant

Rubbertech Roofing R-tech drainage layer reduces excavation and therefore construction costs, the high flow rate of the R-tech layer corresponds to a 20-30cm layer of drainage gravel.

One roll of R-tech drainage layer weighs just 24-35 kg, replacing 15-20 tons of gravel, The controlled product quality guarantees constant filtration and drainage performance.

The use of R-tech drainage layer with geo-textile as a filter guarantees optimum soil retention capability and water permeability.

R-tech drainage layer is chemically and biologically resistant and absolutely environmentally friendly.