Bespoke Protection mats - roof and balcony protection

Rubbertech Protection Mats

Rubbertech protection mats are a highly versatile product designed for many different roof and balcony applications. For use either as a permanent or temporary layer for protection of roof membranes, roof tiles and balcony areas.

Ideal for roof furniture such as plant pots, wooden planters, benches, hand rails, ornamental features and play equipment etc.

The mats are available in a variety of sizes and thicknessess and can also be cut into various shapes to suit any application for roofs, balconies and walkways.

• Roof & balcony protection
• Plant pots & planters
• Roof furniture
• Non slip properties
• Membrane protection
• Tile protection
• Maintenance equipment

Rubbertech mats

Flexible solutions

Rubbertech Protection mats are semi permeable and will allow water to drain through when used in a planting application. Protection mats are also available with a geotextile layer if required, which prevents polymer migration occurring on certain roof membranes such as PVC.

Protection mats are ideal for temporary structures, and for access areas for maintenance and construction equipment such as ladders and light plant.