Roofing Acoustic systems - barrier matting & R10

Rubbertech Roofing Acoustic Systems

• Wear resistant
• Chemical resistant
• Roof voids
• Pipe wraps
• Dimensional stability
• Acoustic curtain
• 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg

Rubbertech Barrier matting is a heavy duty versatile product that can be used in various applications as acoustic insulation in roof voids, on flexible fan connectors, as insulation jackets or pipe wraps, It can also be used as a free hanging acoustic curtain.

Rubbertech Barrier matting is impervious to oils and most chemicals and will wipe clean without sagging.

Added dimensional stability and strength are reinforced by a hessian substrate and a wear resistant skin, which makes it virtually tear proof.

Rubbertech R10 is an a Acoustic matting designed for use with rigid P.U. insulation boards, It is more beneficial than traditional barrier matting as it has good sound damping and absorbtion.

The matting can be either mechanically fixed or adhesive bonded and greatly increases the sound efficiency of the roof.

The matting has been acoustically tested for both rainwater and airborne noise and gives improvements of over 35dB.

• Use with PU boards
• Excellent sound damping
• Rainwater & airborne noise
• Increased sound efficiency
• Acoustic barrier
• 35 dB + reduction
• Easy to install